Introduction text from the exhibition at Vilnius Photography Gallery:

Bajorai is an essayistic exploration of one village in Lithuania. My aim is to tell part of its story; about its past and present by combining photographs that I took in the last two years, scans of old photographs of the family albums from the people of Bajorai and a written text in the form of an essay inspired by interviews from the people and impressions of Bajorai“, says the artist.

The decay odor becomes palpable when looking at the pictures of Bajorai. They portray objects that will soon be gone, in which the process of decomposition has already taken hold.

Attention is drawn to materiality as well as transience by juxtaposing photographs where textile is the main component with reproductions of photographs from old family albums of the people of Bajorai that are printed on textile.

In an essayistic form, the series approaches issues of trauma and an unresolved past while it speaks of forgotten people who inhabit a marginalised sphere of Europe, as well as of today’s Lithuanian society.